UNTITLED: GOLDEN ARROW I : a series with make up artist and stylist Lindsey Avenetti and model Sarah Schroeder Conde in Portland, Oregon. Photography and Art Direction by Brandon Joseph Baker.

UNTITLED: GOLDEN ARROW II: a series with model Courtney Kelseberg (Stars), stylist Bridgette Kaufman and hair and make up by Monique Ford at my Oakland studio.

UNTITLED: GOLDEN ARROW III: A dichotomous series with Kirsten Dwyer and Lauren Lee Robinson. Photographed in my Oakland studio with multiple burst of a strobe during a single repeated fluid dance movement and with twitchy gif animations stitched together in post. 

VENUS IN FURS: Promotional material for solo show June 11, 2016. Model: Gina Teichert (JE Model Management).

iandi (pronounced eye & eye): a series exploring the duality of self awareness with Katherine Mathis in San Francisco. 

Street photography was my inspiration to pursue a degree in photo journalism, however where traditional street photography can leave the message ambiguous in this ongoing series I write between the lines about how I saw the decisive moment. This is the 49 square miles surrounded by a unique reality that is San Francisco, at least according to Brandon Joseph Baker.

This is how I see a landscape. I define it loosely into French as 'mise en scène'.  In psychological terms I define these landscapes as the Gestault Theory of Perception As Applied To Life as a Photographer and Producer. I captured these images on my Leica during my travels for work or pleasure and stitched them together manually in Photoshop. 

Images shot on assignment for The Collective Quarterly in Northern Nevada with words by Gina Teichert.

Pink horses abandoned at a high desert Goodwill in California.

UNTITLED: GOLDEN ARROW iv : More pretension by yours truly featuring Liz Letchford and Brandon Wardle broadcasted out of my Oakland studio.

All photographs produced by Brandon Joseph Baker for The North Face 2014 - 2016. All photography copyrighted by respective photographers.