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In between BART commutes I still find inspiration and loose myself in the streets. Producing and art directing photo shoots for a living has afforded me the opportunity to loosen my style of personal shooting when I make time to shoot. It's never been hard for me to pick up the camera after a long day or week and shoot for myself. I used to work with shooters who would struggle with finding the time to shoot for themselves and it really hindered their creativity at work. I find it's really important to keep creating no matter how hard work is at the daily grind. I just don't sleep as much at night. Hardly Strickly There
Spencer's Taxi
Illuminated Light
Visage of Katherine
Untitled Pink


I've been walking around with my Leica camera since I purchased it a few months ago. Having the option to shoot without lugging my heavy fixed lenses and camera body into a public place has changed my commutes. I've been dabbling in candid street photography and pairing part of the inspiration I find from the street with the inspiration I find in my creative pursuits, such as the work I found of RUEBEN B and posted on PHOTOTRANSMISSION. I've always been inspired by the human form and how we interact with our environment. Taking the facial expressions and identities away from the subjects they become more static and part of the scene yet remain a focus point. With a color field masking the expressions the eye is free to move around the scene and notice details without interpreting the actions of the subjects featured.